Danielsson Innovation created the great, contemporary fle reel design; now the standard for the fly reels the world over.

Where it all began!

The idea was born in the 1980s and originated from an innovation from the heavy mining industry. A roll-type stone-crusher of 100 tons required a special design structure for proper weight distribution and the resulting design created an idea that was later adapted to change fly reel construction forever!

Even today, 30 years later, the Original Danielsson fly reel has no equal when it comes to low spool weight and extreme low startup inertia. The secret lies in the six bearing assemblies which provide a symmetrical cradle for the spool. The design utilizes the bearing’s own friction by preload. This means that you can set a low starting resistance and still avoid overrun or backlash. The practical benefit means you can fish with VERY thin tippets and maintain complete protection and control.

The unmatched feeling!

It’s a unique feeling to play a fish on an Original and the direct contact is unmatched. You can easily apply pressure to the bearing assembly with the center screw in order to set the desired level of overrun protection. This is not a typical brake or drag mechanism, but rather part of a symbiotic system which employs not only the friction of the bearings, but also the friction of the line in the guides and the additional influence of lightly palming the spool rim.

These factors set against the fish’s own momentum create a unique experience unlike that which any other reel could possibly deliver. Simple, unique and very functional!

The true cult-reel!

The reel has an uncomplicated open design and cannot trap dirt or debris. It’s easy to rinse off and dries completely without disassembly. Available in sizes from ultra light fishing for double handed salmon fishing.

This is the true Original fly reel. Discover the cult for yourself

Danielsson Original characterized by:

  • Housing and spool in high-tensile aluminum
  • Components in stainless steel
  • Low spool weight and overrun protection
  • Low overall weight and good balance
  • Fast line retrieval
  • Open, easy-clean design


Skip the intermediaries!

When you buy a reel from Danielssons you know that it’s delivered straight from our factory in Sweden. In that way we skip the intermediaries and can keep a low price for you.

Thank to this we can offer awesome swedish quality for a very good price!