We are always looking to the future

But our history reveals who we are

We set the bar!

The dominating standard form of fly reels on the market today originated with Danielsson’s innovative design. Our Original reel turned standard spool design upside down. We applied our expertise in heavy industry and solved several problems which had eluded so many for a so many years. This was back in the early 1980’s. Since then we have continued to raise the standard in innovative fly reels; all with a heritage and soul based on Danielsson Original. This is why we have so many loyal customers. All fly reels from the family Danielsson feature function based upon purpose.

It all started in the small mill town of Smedjebacken in the Swedish region called Bergslagen, family Danielsson consisting of Kurt, Gun-Britt, Lennart and Tomas Danielsson. This is a district dominated by the mining and steel industries dating back to the 1600´s. My father Kurt Danielsson is the true and rightful inventor of the large arbor fly reel. At the time he worked as a heavy equipment designer for the steel industry. Kurt was a passionate fly fisherman but was constantly frustrated with the inferior reel designs of the time – which had been around since antiquity.

The first prototype!

He devised a custom prototype with a back plate from a piece of sheet aluminum to which three posts were fastened which in turn supported three sewing thread spools and a large diameter line spool which was cradled on the outside of the thread spools. This prototype solved the problems such as line memory and overrun while increasing the speed of retrieve and decreasing startup inertia.

Once the design was proven, we built proper prototypes for our personal use. Once our friends and their friends started using the reels, the word spread quickly. Danielsson reels have always been product marketed by satisfied users; not by traditional media-type marketing. Products with true purpose!

Today most brands offer large arbor fly reels. Imitation is the highest form of affirmation of our design, but don’t be fooled by the exterior appearance of the imitators. It is the interior design which separates Danielsson functionality from the imitators. All Danielsson fly reels feature the legacy in design functionality inherited from the Original.

The reason for the reliability is simple; we know how equipment should be used and this knowledge is derived from real experience in industry design and mechanics. In the steel and mining industries, it’s all about reliability. Even at the drawing stage, to know how the product will work is an absolute necessity.

Everything under one roof!

Production takes place in our own workshop, as does all assembly. We have full control of the entire process from start to finish. Manufacturing is optimized and efficient which in turn sets the parameters for a fair final price. We set our pricing according to the production sequences of the different parts. All waste products are recycled in an environmentally sound manner.

If you look at the fly reel market today, much of it is driven by a consumer product mindset. There, it’s mostly about getting paid and less about delivering functionality and reliability. Most of this depends on lack of knowledge and attention to mechanics. A good guess is that 95% of all brands are manufactured in Asia. Price totally steers this paradigm and the result is nothing more than a pure “consumer product” with a revenue as a primary function.

Our approach totally contradicts this model. From the first Original Danielsson fly reel, our philosophy has always been to provide functionality with a true purpose and at a fair price.

Tomas Danielsson
Design engineer, production technician and fly fisherman