Another name for Swedish engineering

Long experience from working with mechanical products!

Fishing with a fly is a way of life for many, it enables us to develop and master new situations. Challenges drive us forward and give us satisfaction when we succeed. Producing a reel that looks good in stores is not difficult. Danielsson manufactures reels to be used hard for many years without letting you down when it really counts. For us it is not difficult to do, we have the skills and experience.

We have always worked with mechanical products with high reliability and accuracy. Fly fishing was an interest where we saw the opportunity to improve the reels that were on the market.

Without expectation we sat down and came up with a design based on experience and knowledge in our industry. The same physical rules apply to both large and small structures. The result was the super simple, functional Original reel that changed the world standard in fly reel design.

A product reflecting experience and knowledge.

Since then we have continued to produce additional models, but always according to the same basic idea as the Original. This is certainly one of the key reasons so many customers remain loyal to us.

With Danielsson, you get a product that reflects our experience and knowledge. When we begin a new product we always ask the question: “does it perform a new function or improve on an existing design?” We do not make fad products nor do we make exterior design changes in order to pretend that it’s something new. It’s all about function and mechanics. If we see that the product meets a specialized need, it’s very easy for us to put it into production.

We find our strength in the simplicity  

We always design the template to get the number of parts right. This way every detail becomes individually stronger and usually has more than one role to play. Simple, strong and sophisticated in order to create reliability!

We have our own CNC manufacturing machines and employ highly efficient manufacturing methods. We have in-house assembly, sales and administration. Since we always price according to production time, you get a very affordable product. Danielsson reels have a permanent market value which customers truly appreciate.