This reel has many details in common with L5W Series, but we have reinforced the housing so even more torque can be applied when required. With H5D Series, you can easily go up against everything ranging from big salmon to huge blue-water species. We know customers who’ve drilled bluefin tuna of a couple of hundred kilograms into submission without problems. The reel gets hot under these circumstances, but that does not affect function. The brake design makes it extremely reliable.

It just works. Time after time!

H5D is of course completely sealed according to the Danielsson standard. The design is tested in a pressure chamber for optimum lockout properties against water and dirt. In principle, you can use and abuse this reel and it just works … time after time.

This is why the design is so popular among guides whose very livelihood depends upon their equipment. For the recreational angler, it will exceed expectations. Take on your dream trip and know with complete certainty and confidence that it will function as it is supposed to.

All components of the reel are well proportioned to each other, there are no weak links. Every detail is carefully designed for maximum reliability and the result is a piece of equipment that lasts a lifetime. For example, we lock the spool with a clamp coupling that is common in industrial applications. It is an extremely reliable locking mechanism that never lets go.

To remove, just unscrew the lock knob with a few turns, lift and twist the spool triangle. As the lock knob does not need to be removed, there is no risk that any foreign material can enter the mechanism. This is an elegant solution that we alone offer!

No risk of overload!

The braking system features a multi-plate disc stack which properly distributes the braking energy. There is no risk of overload. We were the first to offer this technology in a fly reel and the function is a result of our experience. The choice of materials in disc brakes is also very important. It is common in the industry to employ carbon matrix materials, but these steadily degrade over time and lose their effectiveness. We use a polymer composite that maintains its integrity even during severe temperature shocks such as the result of a long hard run. Like the Control, the user’s manual includes instructions for custom-configuration of the braking system so that you may further fine-tune to your personal preferences.

Saltwater? No problem at all!

The brake knob is slightly larger than the L5W series, so that the angler may easily work with it under extreme duress. H5D is available in two different sizes, from salmon to blue-water fishing. Saltwater is no problem at all, it can handle it splendidly.

We know the price is reasonable; particularly with respect to the fact that this reel retains its value and will become an heirloom – a product to treasure.

Danielsson H5D features:

  • Water and heat resistant casing and brake system in high-end material
  • Works equally well wet or dry, warm or cold, under light or heavy load
  • Pressure chamber tested; waterproof up to 100m
  • Form- and friction-stable brake discs in unique materials
  • Configurable brake system in 3 levels
  • Corrosion-resistant high-tensile aluminum
  • Components in stainless steel
  • Large drag knob; easy-adjust braking action
  • Adjustable brake with minimum and maximum position of 330°
  • Click in both directions (can be turned off )
  • Spool change with simple operation
  • Fast line retrieval


Skip the intermediaries!

When you buy a reel from Danielssons you know that it’s delivered straight from our factory in Sweden. In that way we skip the intermediaries and can keep a low price for you.

Thank to this we can offer awesome swedish quality for a very good price!