World leading fly fishing reels

Since the early 1980s we have designed and manufactured world-leading fly fishing reels. World-leading is a strong word, and yes we have really changed the world standard. We invented the modern large-arbor reel. Others have tried to follow in our footsteps. While we still push long-term development forward with the highest quality in mind, others might engage in short-term trends that don’t meet fly fishers’ expectations. We make extremely durable reels that can be heavily used season after season. Salt or fresh water does not matter, our reels always perform flawlessly. The range of our reel program includes models that have been around for many years. This is surely a testament to their unbeatable quality. Our customers understand and enjoy this fact.

Today there is an abundance of different brands in the reel industry. Most of the others have focused on marketing, while we let our fly-fishing reels speak for themselves. This has always been our concept, and all the time we meet happy fly fishers who recommend our reels to their friends.

Direct sales

At Danielsson Flyreels we want to remain a small company with the greatest products. That is why we are focusing on exclusive sales from our factory – directly to you! Unlike a large part of the reel industry we simply don’t buy the mainstream consumer concept. Instead we offer customers the possibility of an active choice. From us you will always get the highest quality at the best price. You pay for the product, not marketing or distribution.

Made in Sweden

Danielsson fly reels are 100% designed and manufactured in Sweden! Our reels are made only of the best materials and the most durable components. We are a small company with world-leading expertise. We are fly-fishing technicians. There are no salesmen working here. Our reels do the talking, and customer satisfaction is the driving force.

How the industry works

Most other companies selling reels today have a lot of sales people travelling between stores to “push in” new products, even long before the fishing season has started. This goes for other “consumer products” as well. These companies curl with high profit margins and long repayment periods. This system promotes low-quality products. What good is this to you, the end customer? In many cases the price of a product has increased four to eight times before the product reaches you. By then you are not only paying for the product itself but also for marketing and distribution, often including several intermediate hands.

These reels have often been produced in Asia by someone who lacks the experience and knowledge that we possess. So you can’t expect value for your money. Really. Many of existing brands in the reel market no longer have a product of their own. They buy reels from Asia.