Long lasting products in many ways!

Products with short shelf life adversely affect the environment. At the end of the shelf life, this type of product must be recycled and a new one produced. Recycling is good, but it is better if the product is sustainable and there is no need to back it up with a new one.

Today most fly reels are produced in Asia and anyone create a brand by traveling there, tapping into an existing model and making some small superficial changes.

A product manufactured for the primary goal of making money is rarely good for the enviroment!

True quality and durability!

This process has flooded our industry and the reason is that these “brands” can neither design nor manufacture. While these products may have an attractive exterior which creates the appearance of quality, there is rarely sufficient durability or sustainable function.

To produce true quality and durability requires skills and experience, the type of experience we have at Danielsson. Everything from design and manufacturing is done in-house in an efficient manner which actually results in a better price ratio than many products manufactured in Asia. By making active choices we as individuals affect the environment positively.

Vi har gjort vårt val, nu kan du också göra det!