The handle as a break

You use the brake handle in much the same way as the foot brake in a car and it’s just as simple and easy to operate!

At first glance the Control looks like a conventional anti-reverse fly reel. When the fish runs against the brake, the handle is stationary. This is where the similarity ends. A traditional anti-reverse reel does not employ a winding force which exceeds brake setting. Control has a unique “power converter” which automatically increases brake force when winding in and immediately restores level braking power when you stop winding . By combining maximum winding force with the ability to immediately level-off when a fish jumps or makes a sudden run, the Control minimizes the risk of tippet or rod failure and increases the chance to master the fish.

The “power converter” also has a built-in power limit which prevents excessive force. In other words, if you’re surprised by an unpredictable fish in the heat of battle, the power converter will not lock-up. While we cannot guarantee that you will land your dream fish, we can guarantee you will not lose it due to reel failure!

How it works: The “stacked” multi-disc braking system is a refinement of our previous system which proved to be very reliable in extreme situations. Control features two separate opportunities to influence the brake. The first is turning the brake knob which captures the min-max range within one revolution. Secondly, the user’s manual includes instructions for custom-configuration of the braking system so that you may further fine-tune to your personal preferences.

Properties summary:

  • New user-friendly anti-reverse, with handle-adjusted fighting brake
  • Fully waterproof
  • Saltwater resistant
  • Temperature resistant braking system
  • Outbound clicker
  • Easy spool change
  • User-capable retrieve/direction change
  • Min-max brake setting within one revolution of the drag knob
  • Handle placed on housing side and out of the way of the spool
  • All parts perfectly matched to one another – no weak links in the chain

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